Fact Checking Policy

At Bharat News Channel, we prioritize the accuracy and reliability of our content. Our commitment to journalistic integrity is fundamental to maintaining the trust of our audience. This policy outlines our approach to ensuring due accuracy across all our platforms.

  1. Commitment to Accuracy

We strive for due accuracy in all our content, recognizing that the level of precision may vary depending on the nature of the story, available information, and audience expectations. Our goal is to provide well-sourced, evidence-based, and corroborated information.

  1. Verification Process
  • We verify information from at least two sources whenever possible.
  • For single-source stories, we thoroughly assess the credibility of the source and seek corroborating evidence.
  • We prioritize documentary evidence over relying solely on human sources.
  1. Sourcing and Attribution
  • We aim to use on-the-record sources and explain the use of anonymous sources when necessary.
  • Our reporters share source information with editors to ensure appropriate use of the information.
  • We clarify terms like “off the record” and “on background” with our sources to avoid misunderstandings.
  1. User-Generated Content
  • We do not assume the accuracy of user-generated content and take steps to verify its authenticity.
  • We clearly identify user-generated content as such and are cautious about using information from individuals with vested interests.
  1. Online and Social Media Content
  • We exercise additional scrutiny when using information from social media or other online sources.
  • We distinguish between fact and rumor, especially in fast-spreading online content.
  1. Error Correction
  • We promptly correct factual errors and clearly communicate these corrections to our audience.
  • Corrections are made across all platforms where the error was published (print, online, social media).
  • We maintain transparency about our correction process.
  1. Audience Feedback
  • We encourage our audience to report inaccuracies through our “Suggest A Correction” feature available on our website, bharatnewschannel.com.
  • Readers can submit corrections directly to our editor-in-chief at info@bharatnewschannel.com.
  1. Editorial Review
  • Our stories undergo a multi-level review process, with the level of scrutiny varying based on the complexity and sensitivity of the content.
  • We consult senior editorial staff when facing dilemmas in reporting or decision-making.
  1. Plagiarism and Distortion
  • We strictly prohibit plagiarism and the deliberate distortion of facts or context.
  • We attribute information to its original source when we cannot independently verify it.

At Bharat News Channel, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity. We continuously strive for excellence and transparency in our reporting, acknowledging that trust is our most valuable asset in serving our audience.